COMP Cams LS Gear Drive Timing Sets


Memphis, TN – New timing sets from COMP Cams provide a bulletproof timing option with the most precise cam timing possible for LS applications.

COMP Cams LS Gear Drive Timing Sets are designed for LS engines that are used in racing, street, marine and extreme applications. They provide the most accurate valve timing possible by eliminating chain flutter and backlash, and bolt-on without modification, maintaining the stock oil pump and timing cover for all LS-based engines except dry sump models. Dry sump engines (LS7, LS9, etc.) require an external oil pump.

These are the world’s only gear drives for LS engines and are based on the award-winning COMP Cams LS Sprint Car Gear Drive. LS Gear Drive Timing Sets are designed for three-bolt cams and work with all 24x and 58x LS engines. The timing sets include a timing wheel for both the 24x and 58x options, as well as REM-polished gears. The strongest and most rigid timing sets in existence, COMP Cams LS Gear Drive Timing Sets are available for both stock GM blocks and the RHS LS Race Block.  They are 100-percent exclusive to COMP Cams and are designed and built in the USA.

BUY NOW: #5494 (RHS LS Race Block), #5495 (Standard GM Block)

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